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The problem with working for "Regular" companies, a cynical view from a Consultant.

 Be sure to read "The problem with working for Dot.Coms"

This is the other side of the coin to my "The problem with Dot.Com companies."  I no longer work for either, I'm now a consulltant.  These are some of my observations while working at a "regular/real" company.  The point here is that Dot.Coms aren't the only companies making bad and stupid decisions.

Current assignment: A large US fortune 50 company.  The company is a major US Federal contractor specializing in computer consulting and services (It's pretty funny that they had to hire outside computer consultants).  The company has approximately 70,000 employess and offices around the world.  The company has been in business for over 35 years, trades on the New York Stock Exchange and had revenue of $4 Billion US dollars in year 2000 (this is a really big company).  Their problems:

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