What about Chad Clark?
A collection of some of the work I've done.

Tetris in Go

Raspberry Pi GPIO pulse counter in Go

We wanted to do a left-outer-join on a postal code field in some data but did not have a SQL engine. Here is a perl program to do the join. There is also a windows executable.

Find out where around the world eBay items are for auction with this eBay item Locator . I made it using Google Maps and Perl.

I got a couple thousand bounce emails when my email was used as the "From" address in a bunch of spam. I wrote a quick script in Perl to remove the messages from my inbox.

Here is a program written in Perl that reads a list of Canadian postal codes and prints the latitude and longitude.

I made a python script to create a HTML index page with thumbnails from a directory of images. I did this to create a CD of photos taken during a trip. I wanted to have the thumbnails be viewable on a computer without installing photo-CD software.

I wrote a perl script to automatically put my Gnome desktop images up on the web. It is setup to run every few minutes in my crontab.

This is a neat perl script that shows how to make a scrolling buffer in a terminal.

Some perl code that I wrote to append several Sun/NeXT .au files together into one file.

"Google Project One" is an idea I thought up while trying to find a bit of information. Project One finds words related to a search. The words are ordered by the number of occurances of each word on the web pages returned by a Google search.

This is just the beginning of my Goolge goals but it's fun enough that I'm putting a CGI version on the site.

"Google Project Two" is stage two of the Google project. This program finds email addresses and phone numbers on the web pages returned by a Google search.

A generic server which allows any program to be a server over a network. It works by mapping the standard input and output files to the network connection when a client connects.

My first compiler assignment. (tarball) (browse). A very basic translator. The assignment specs are here.
PS: Rumor has it the code generation may be dodgy for SUB.

Logging signals sent from user processes (a modification to the linux kernel).

A store nearby has a promotion where customers collect bingo cards. I wrote some Scheme code to determine how close the cards are to being winners. Here is a sample input file to go along with the code.

My Ultimate Apache Log Rotate Script. Ultimate in that it recursively includes all config files Include'd.
I wrote this script a long time ago. I now recommend using cronolog instead of periodically restarting Apache.
Installing Ubuntu on Android so I could compile Go code.

Challenges run into while switching to OSX.

Compiling Go to run on Android on a Nexus S.

How to turn a perl script into a windows exe.

Perl 5 custom module directory for CPAN modules setup.

How to setup a qmail server to be a backup server for another mail server.

Is 7-11 placement related to household income in the Calgary region?

PHP syntax highlighting for the elvis (vi) editor.

Adding a system call to i386 linux. A walkthrough.

An Intro to UNIX with Mark Leonard for the University of Calgary's CSUS.

Basic Debugging with Mark Leonard for the University of Calgary's CSUS.

Basic UNIX account security.
Personally this feels too paranoid but it does try to explain why to the new user.

Code on GitHub

Posts on perlmonks

he.net IPv6 certification score

Code portfolio in PDF (gzipped) and PostScript (gzipped)

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The Logical Form Of Belief
A breif analysis of Russell's The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, a series of eight lectures given in London in 1918. (See pages 177-281 in Logic and Knowledge.)